Reach and convert your audiences across desktop and mobile around the globe. Do know that the ads you pay for are seen by targeted audience and that your brand is safely promoted on relevant, appropriate content. We set strict policy to enforce brand safety environment on our ad network that ensures all websites are safe and premium.

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Adscada help you monetize your website traffic. We providing pop under script to you for all your sites, can running on as many as websites you have.

Sell traffic and make money from your websites. Don’t let your traffic unexploited and register now to recompense all the efforts.

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Our automated  (real-time bidding) allows advertising inventory to be actioned off in real-time to continually manage the balance between supply and demand. The benefits are realized on both ends.

Data and statistics will be informed 24/7 to help publishers easier to manage.

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There is full control over campaigns, both for mobiles and desktops, with the ability to chose when to start, pause or stop it. We create a simple and convenient system for publishers easier to manage campaign and report data accurately. Choose and manage your targeted ad campaigns independently with self-service platform.

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